Why go to Melbourne?

24 April MelbourneMelbourne is one of best city in Australia and has a zealous love of the arts with lots of museums and galleries. The important part of Melbourne life is Coffee traditions with many cafes to relax in and soak up the exciting environment. Hopetoun Tea Rooms is also remembered for an actual slice of authentic Aussie Pavlova. The Royal Botanic Gardens and zoo are also remembered to Melbourne trip. Book return flights to Melbourne with all major airlines on Feego.co.uk and take enjoy city attractions.

Founded in 1835 Melbourne is a relatively new town but one that is however full of lifestyle, history and structural beauty. On appearance in the city center it is not difficult to see why it is a top travel location. It was built along the Yarra River on Slot Phillip Bay and Victorian structures combination with contemporary skyscrapers to create an amazing sky line. While the business region contains massive high-rises such as the 62-floor Fresh water Place, other parts of Melbourne are house to excellent illustrations of 19th-century design. The tremendous white content of Parliament House, the spires of St Patrick’s Cathedral and Flinders Road Station, a symbol of the city, should not be skipped.

Melbourne is the country’s movie, television and music hub, making it a great town for the artistry. The National Gallery of Victoria is both the earliest and biggest public artistry museum in Australia. Fitzroy is its bohemian heart and it is here that bars, separate exhibits and music venues can be seen in variety, as well as Melbourne’s Fringe Event, one of the many celebrations happening in the town each year.

Nearby is the ‘Little Italy’ suburban area of Carlton, classified by wonderful Victorian structure and some of Melbourne’s most significant structures. These include the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Carlton Landscapes that contains the Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum. To the south of Melbourne, the suburban area of St Kilda has the best seashores and many famous destinations, such as Luna Recreation area and several of major activities and celebrations. It also has a powerful relationship to several of the country’s preferred sports, including the Australian Football League.

Melbourne is often also called as the sporting capital of Australia because of its powerful custom of sports and events. As well as hosting the 1956 Olympic Activities and the Commonwealth Activities in 2006, the Australian Open tennis tournament is kept in the town and it is the location for the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. Content Source from http://www.feego.co.uk/australia/melbourne


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