Why go to Brisbane?

22 April blog brisbaneBrisbane is famous city in Australia due to own location, weather, culture, parks and beaches. It is central hub of business. Sun worshippers, fantastic types and those in need of a healthy getaway will find plenty to be a part of on a trip to ‘Brizzy’. But the town has much more to offer too – way of life, leisurely areas and great cusine. The gateway to the state of Queensland in the land of kangaroos calls for a visit!Named after the Brisbane river which in turn was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane the place is an excellent tourist destination.

Situated 732 kms North of Sydney this city encompasses a population of 2.35 million people.The City of Brisbane forms the local government area encompassing the Museum of Brisbane and Central Library of the Council.Apart from this the Queensland Museum and Queensland Art Gallery are two most great places to visit.The historic places to be visited include Fort Lytton National park which houses Fort Lytton open every Sunday for visitors.The Newsreader House and Boggo Road Gaol are other such places.The admission to the gaol of the Brisbane prison is via a guided tour.Mount Copy the Lookout is also a famous tourist spot.The Botanic Gardens of Brisbane offer yet another scenic beauty.The kangaroo point cliffs are heritage listed cliffs located just across the Brisbane river.Its a popular picnic and abseiling site.The Story Bridge,Miracle Bridge and Treasury Building are some such places to visit.

The Brisbane central company region is an eclectic combination of old and new structure as the result of a major renovation a few years ago. The Brisbane River moves right through the town, limiting the company region to a relatively small area, before discharging into Moreton Bay. Brisbane River, roughly 15 mile from Brisbane, is famous as one of the best whale-watching places on the globe. Deception Bay, about 18 miles northern of the town, enjoys a sheltered place which makes it an ideal place for leisurely boating and fishing.

Renowned Brisbane landmarks consist of St. John’s Cathedral, Brisbane City Hall which re-opens in early 2013 following repair and recovery and Brisbane’s oldest surviving residence, Newstead House, which was finished in 1846. Cultural attractions include the Museum of Brisbane, which enjoys the way of life and identification of the town and the Gallery of Modern Art, which features displays from local, nationwide and worldwide artists.

If you’re fascinated in natural history, the Only Maple Koala Sanctuary, located southern of the town on banks of the Brisbane River, is house to over 100 koalas, kangaroos and other Australia local varieties. The Parklands at South Bank is a haven of natural charm, but also house to the Rim of Queensland, a 200-foot observation wheel that gives you a 360-degree view of the town. The Town Botanic Gardens are a living museum of plant collections from Australia and all over the globe.

Brisbane enjoys a subtropical environment, significance that the temperature is warm or hot most of the season. In fact, the town loves some 2,800 hours of sunlight each season. But summertime i.e. December to February can be extremely muggy you’ll be thankful of the air training in your resort and seek the services of car. Winter seasons i.e. June to August are pleasant, with clear glowing blue air and funky evenings and average day time temperature ranges of 22C. Content source from http://www.feego.co.uk/australia/brisbane


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