Why go to Sydney?

20 April sydneySydney is the state capital of New South Wale and the largest & the most famous city of Australia. Sydney is named after British home secretary Lord Sydney in January 1788. It officially became a city in 1842.Sydney is one of the most populated cities of Australia with the population of more than 4 Million. Climate in Sydney remains temperate throughout the year with almost 104 sunny cloud free days a year. Average minimum temperature in winter months is around 9 degree celsius and maximum temperature is around 25 to 26 degree celsius. Sydney receives over 10 to 15 million international and domestic visitors every year. Sydney comes under 12th most expensive city with property prices.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the 5th longest spanning-arch bridge according to guinness world records. Sydney is the capital of Australia’s ICT industry with regional headquarters and operating centres located in NSW. The Sydney Tower is the second tallest freestanding structure in all of Australia at 1,001 feet over the Sydney CBD.

Cadman’s Cottage is the oldest house in Sydney located in The Rocks. Local languages spoken in Sydney Are English, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Greek and Vietnamese.

Cricket is the most popular summer sport in Sydney. The Sydney Fish Market is the world’s 3rd largest fish market. The Sydney Ferries carries over 14 million passengers each year in and around Sydney. The eastern suburbs enclave of point piper in Sydney is the 9th most expensive street in the world. Rugby also comes in most popular sports with cricket in Sydney. Sydney has the deepest natural harbour in the world with 504, 00 mega litres of water. Average of 1 in 8 people is over 65 years old in Sydney. Almost 60 percent of Australia’s top 100 companies’ headquarters are in Sydney. Book return flights to Sydney and take enjoy city attractions.

Why visit to Sydney?

Sydney is a fascinating city to explore. You can enjoy fascinating heritage tours of beautiful Sydney Harbour to World Heritage-listed convict sites and tall ships at a maritime museum.

You should also visit powerhouse museum with your kids it is the flagship venue of Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) located in the old Ultimo Power Station building adjacent to Darling Harbour.

It is a unique and diverse collection spans science, technology, design and decorative arts, engineering, architecture, health and medicine, fashion and contemporary culture. You Must Visit Museum of Sydney which is built on the historic site of the first Government House and it take you on a journey exploring Sydney’s people, places and cultures from dreamtime to modern times.

Bare Island Fort: – it is first spotted by Captain Cook in 1770 and referred to it in his journal as ‘a small bare island ‘which is now known as Bare Island. The fort was built in the early 1880s to protect Sydney’s back door. It was in operation until 1908.

You may also recognize the island as the location for some thrilling action sequences in the Hollywood film, Mission: Impossible 2.The water surrounding Bare Island Fort is also one of the most popular scuba diving sites in NSW, as well as a very popular location for snorkeling in Kamay Botany Bay National Park

You should have Iconic Experiences in Sydney by Exploring Different Fields like Adventure Sports, Art, Culture, Beach Lifestyle, Fashion Food and Nature. Content Source from http://www.feego.co.uk/australia/sydney


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